Monday, July 5, 2010

Carl's Jr.'s Mockery

Back where I grew up in California there's a restaurant called Green Burrito. The food is really good, and I consider it to be my favorite Mexican food (Americanized Mexican food to be technical, but I actually prefer it over authentic Mexican food). Depending on where you've been, you may have noticed that Carl's Jr. has a "Green Burrito" menu. Since coming to BYU, Green Burrito is something I've missed, so I decided to go to Carl's Jr. and try out their "Green Burrito" nachos.

Now, keep in mind, that I went into this place expecting to be disappointed, because I was sure that Carl's Jr. wasn't going to deliver the same thing that the original restaurant could. What I got, however, went even lower than what I was expecting. Green Burrito's nachos have just about everything you would want on it, refried beans, cheese, steak, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. And for about $5, you got a lot.
Carl's Jr.'s "Green Burrito" nachos, however, can only be considered a disgrace to the name of Green Burrito. The chips weren't as good, and all it had was refried beans, lamesauce (Nacho cheese sauce, as opposed to real, grated cheese), some beef in some lame sauce, and some guacamole. They were pitiful. They were worse than Taco Bell's nachos. And to add it insult, it was about half the size as Green Burrito's nachos for almost the same price! Augh! I was thoroughly disappointed.

As my closing remarks, I just want to say, this is truly a disgrace to my favorite Mexican restaurant! What Carl's Jr. exec had the gall to call this "Green Burrito?" And for any of you that have only experienced Carl's Jr.'s version, please, know that Green Burrito is far better than this!