Friday, November 11, 2011

ASU Food Adventure: Slices

Slices is also right next to classes, and they have a lot of different kinds of pizza you can order by the slice. I tried the Pesto Chicken pizza, and for $3 it's not bad. Had some nice pesto flavor but I would have liked more in it.

Was it good? Yeah.
Will I go there again? They did have a Barbeque Chicken pizza....

UPDATE: Later that day my class group got a pizza to eat. It was the strangest pizza I ever ate: Chicken Caesar Salad pizza. It tasted pretty much like it sounds. It's good, but the texture of lettuce and pizza crust doesn't go well together.

ASU Food Adventure: Grilled Ave - Teriyaki House

Grilled Ave - Teriyaki House is a small restaurant that opened up, which is also on my route to class. They have egg rolls on the menu, and I really like egg rolls so I gave them a try. Turned out it was a lie; they're actually spring rolls. Sure, it's more authentic, but I still prefer egg rolls. They were all right though.

Was it good? For spring rolls, yeah.
Will I go there again? They did have some nice looking tariyaki bowls....

Friday, November 4, 2011

ASU Food Adventure: Five Guys

So yeah, I know, Five Guys is hardly unique to the area, but I've never been there before, and that's what my posts are about.

I had heard some people say that Five Guys is similar to In-N-Out, and even though I knew it couldn't beat In-N-Out I wanted to give it a try anyways. As a tangent, my family and I REALLY like In-N-Out, perhaps because we were born and raised in California but have since moved away. I mean, when my family brought me down here from Colorado, three of my siblings came with me just so they could get In-N-Out.

Okay, so back to Five Guys. Yeah, tasting like In-N-Out is a bunch of baloney. In fact it's quite the opposite; that hamburger was so boring I'm never going there again. It was plain. On the other hand, that was probably the first time where I got more fries than hamburger. I thought spending more than $2 was expensive, but not when I found out how much they gave me! I didn't even eat it all in one sitting. Finally someone who sells fries at a fair price (I'm looking at YOU, Doghouse!).

ASU Food Adventure: Return to Phoenician Cafe

So the Phoenician Cafe has this big sign outside that says "Student special: hamburger and fries $3.99." Sounds like a good deal, and I see that sign every time I go to class, so I gave it a try. The hamburger had a lot of different spices in it, though I still don't know what they are. It was definitely different from what you usually find, and it was pretty good. The fries were boring though, so I'm glad they provided some ketchup. The amount of food you get isn't a whole lot, but surprisingly I came away full.

Was it good? Yes.
Will I go there again? Perhaps so.