Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dream Journal: 3/19 to 3/24

There was a crazy old man who ordered spider bread. His butler then grabbed a giant wad of spider web, heat it up, and it turned into bread.

I was a young boy traveling with his mother. I think we were Muslim in a third-world country. There was a muddy area we stopped to pray around a bunch of other people. My mom sat up earlier than I thought she should from praying, but she said "These aren't the men that hurt us." I was later at a hospital or something, my mom elsewhere. A card with an abstract painting of a mother was slid under the door, and I took off running fearing it was a bomb; it was. I assumed my mom was dead.
I came to an area that a bunch of people were abandoning. There was a woman wearing a mask around her mouth, like sick people do. She was leaving her apartment, so I stayed there and hid myself under a pile of laundry. Later a stray dog walked by, and said something to me. I got up, too weak to barely stand, and only telling the dog I need water. We went to the refrigerator, but then hid myself when I heard people arguing loudly outside the apartment door, the talking dog hiding with me.

1. It was the characters from the show Chuck, and they found a serum version of the Intersect that was copied from someone. They asked if it was based off of Chuck, or Sarah, or Jasmine (Princess Jasmine?). The serum was labled "C."

2. An alien, who looked like an older, balding Asian dude, invaded Earth. He was doing bad things, but he politely asked me several questions about the church. I can't remember now what questions he asked me or what my answers were, but I think I gave really good answers.

It was like I was at work, but not. The people weren't anyone I know and the office looked a bit different. There were also several large windows that allowed us to see outside more. I think we might have been even higher up than the 8th floor because we could see a lot of the area around us. It wasn't Denver, either, but some sort of coastal city.
A bunch of other people in the office then pointed outside towards the city: there was a massive, dark storm could coming; a cloud that extended from the sky to the ground.
Dreams like this make me wonder if dreams have meaning.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Awkward Programmer Talk

There are words that are used in the world of computer programming that, in a different context, have different meanings. As such, I've thought of how a programmer could have a discussion over the phone around strangers, like at a bus stop, and how that conversation would have the strangers thinking very different things. This would be best as a candid video, so if anyone wants to make it, feel free!

A man sits at a bus stop with three other people. His phone rings, and the strangers can only hear the man's side of the conversation.

"What do you mean the children are...misbehaving?"
"Have you tried issuing any commands?"
"Well if they're not listening then they must be orphans."
"Well just kill them, then."
"Yeah, we won't loose anything important. We can start over and see if the next set of children will listen."
"All right, see you soon honey. Bye."

Same scene, different conversation:

"Well it's okay if some of the slaves aren't working. I mean, that's the point of having a bunch of slaves."
"NONE of them are working? Is the master doing anything? They were working last night."
"You know what, I bet they were overloaded. Well, we're not at whip yet, so I'll try to take care of it when I get there."
"Oh wait, that's right! Our client is coming to see our work, and it won't look good if the slaves aren't working."
"Well just kill them then. Yeah, kill them all. The new batch of slaves should work for at least a few hours. That's plenty of time for the client to see things working."
"All right, I'll see you in a bit. Bye."

Children: In data structures, a child is a node that is linked to the parent. There's also child processes and child threads.

Orphan: If the parent has lost its connection to a child, then the child is called an orphan and can't be reached by the program.

Kill: Kill, as in end or stop the execution of a program or process.

Master/Slave: A form of communication, where the master is a single process that communicates with several other processes, or slaves. This can be used as a form of redundancy, as several slaves can be working on the same thing, and if one slave crashes then the system can keep going because it still has the other slaves.

Whip: This is actually WIP, or Work In Process, but it's pronounced the same as whip. At work we use a kanban board that has WIP limits, or in other words, a limit on how many things we can work on at once.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dream Journal: 3/5/2013 to 3/16/2013

There was a yellow, blobby man-like thing walking in a multi-level parking lot, while a demon-like, ethereal entity followed him. The demon would appear and disappear, be static-y like a TV, and try to break itself from its dimension (Like the face that appears here and there in the last level of Psychonauts). It had the atmosphere of a horror film (For some reason Dead Space comes to mind, even though I've never played it), but again it wasn't scary. The man walked on, never realizing the demon was following him, trying to get him. The blobby man got to his car, then squuezed his hand to pop out a finger like you would with a balloon. He opened the car door and the dream ended.

1. I was at a cabin at Bea lake. Not Bear, Bea; though we pronounced it Bear. Can't remember the rest. There was also the next dream, but I think this one transitioned into it somehow.

2. For some reason a bunch of chocolate companies were giving us their chocolate and money. There was an M&M's crunchy chocolate bar and a Dr. Pepper chocolate ice cream bar. We covered an electrical outlet with chocolate, which was in our warehouse that we used to store the chocolate. We hired a lawyer to help us start up a buisness, but he didn't like the idea of a bunch of companies giving us money. One of the guys (There were two other people with me; didn't know any of them) mentioned about already loosing two lawyers, and the other told him "Shh! Don't tell him that!". The lawyer asked where the money was and we said it's safe back at the warehouse.
We went to the warehouse, all the while I figured it was being stolen but I didn't care. We opened the door to the small box, and found it missing. A truck drove off and they chased after it. I went up the hill to the road and saw a car with a lady in it smiling. I stared at her and said out loud "Now why are you smiling?"

I was back in my old home in Oxnard. So old in fact it was the version before we remodeled our home. I was in the family room in front of the house, and some people in a truck were driving by with squirt guns. I decided to join in on the fun and shouted at everyone in the room to get down when they drove by again. They threw a water balloon or something, but I was surprised to find out that it was so much water that a bunch of water splashed my back, even though I was inside the house.

It was a video much like GameTrailers' PopFiction. Words in qoutes are what the narrator said. "Many people have been having dreams about a hidden Fox boss in Final Fantasy XII, so we're here to find out if it exists." The character Cloud is on some sort of world map. He then flew under something to enter a part of the map that wasn't supposed to be accessed. Cloud walks on a small island on the corner edge of the map (It's the edge because there's nothing but black beyond it) and then encounters the hidden boss, a crude, polygonal, brown fox. "Wow! It's exactly as people described! This is amazing!"
Something interesting is that apparently each monster Cloud fought were a representation of his fears, and this Fox monster was "Fear of Lust."

1. I had a toy car that turned into a huge treehouse-and-stuff playset. I sat there wondreing how all that could have come out of that toy car.

2. Some people were selling antiques, and I noticed them selling a yellow jar, one that looked just like Grandpa's sugar jar. I think they were stealing stuff from people's homes and then selling them. Around this time though I got three miniature, antique pots from Quay and kept them in my pant pocket. Keeping them in there were getting them banged up though as I walked around, especially the one that was made of sandstone.

3. I woke up, and not wanting to forget the dream I just had, took out from my pant pocket a miniature  antique pot and set it on the couch to remind me. Except this too was a dream, and it didn't help.

1. I was driving down a coastal highway. I then reached a town that, from the entrance, looked like dark storm clouds were completely covering the town, with only the entrance from the road that kinda looked liked the entrance to a cave. Once inside though I could see that it was actually a large canopy of a black cloth mesh. White Christmas lights hung from the canopy to provide light to the town.

2. I was walking in some sort of fantasy world. A grassy pathway with occasional stone-laid, circle-shaped town centers with a fountain in the middle. There were green mountains to the left and a misty, bottomless canyon to the right. Unfortunately I was a giant and the pathway was swarming with moving mushroomas, plants, and people. It was impossible for me to walk along without stepping on someone or something. Once I made it to the end of the pathway (Nothing but the bottomless pit was beyond it) there was some sort of teleportation gateway. Suddenly I was no longer walking in this world, but looking down at it through a tablet device.
For some reason a pirate was also looking at it with me. Some targets appeard on the screen, so both I and the pirate started tapping at the targets. The screen then went back the way I came from the path and we tapped at targets along the way. Occasionally treasure appeared and we grabbed them by tapping on it (It's a tablet, how else would you get it?). The pirate was very kind and considerate about letting me grab the treasure.

3. I was in a video game that had the graphics style of Minecraft, but was littered with things like Katamari. There were these flying things that chased me and I had to run away from them or they'd "get me." And I had to run as fast as I could because they were really fast.
I could interact with some of the people in the world. In one instance (I can't remember the other one) I gave a kid some watermelon. I think the kid said something to the effect of "Really? I can have watermelon? My dad says I can't have any." He eats the watermelon, but then falls down like he's sick, and a bunch of somethings swarmed on him.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Previous Dreams

I've occasionally posted dreams I had on Facebook, so I went through everything I posted on Facebook and added them to my dream journal.

Dreamed that I was running away from a firey Onix.

Dreamed that all the church buildings had an interconnected railway system.

Ran for my life from Big Bird in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower.

I think it was Transformers 4, where the government produced a gas that made everyone see the world as a better place than it actually was, and Bumblebee was defending the headquarters of the Spy Kids.

My dad said "Come here. You should really read this book." He then hands me a book titled "Freefall." The cover had the grim reaper on it brandishing his sycth, and an unlocked shackle next to the name. It was about a man who became the grim reaper and fought evil.
Does it mean something? Or was it just because I see an image of Ghost Rider on my monitor at work?

It was a Zelda-like game, and the main character went to a shop and looked at the items. The salesman then said "Giant Sausage in the Shape of a Man: That's a good item! Not only is it a giant sausage in the shape of a man, but it also has life-sustaining properties, and it transforms into a giant robot!" Next scene is a giant robot (Which, now that I think about it, looked much like Larry from Time Squad) moving on a stage much like Goemon Impact! But unlike Goemon Impact, it had rockets on its skates, and it moved down the stage really fast, plowing down anyone and anything that stood in its way. It moved so fast it then skated across the ocean. I think it may have started to fly, but the dream ended after that.
Giant Sausage in the Shape of a Man that transforms into a giant robot! I love my dreams!

I was in my car, but for some reason my brother Tim was driving it. He switched the car's gear into H1 and the car started flying. Not Jet plane flying, more like slow hover car flying. We flew around a bit, but for some reason I went out of the car and fell sideways, as if gravity was parallel to the ground. Then I realized "Wait, this isn't how gravity works" and then I stood on the ground like normal.

I had a dog, and I asked him to stand guard in front of the house in the snow to protect us from the wandering T-Rex. But then he couldn't get back in the house when it turned invisible.

North Korea nuked the U.S. For some reason brentalfloss was driving me to work, and Denver was full of still images of mushroom clouds and fire.
Me: " the city supposed to be fire?"
brentalfloss: "Huh. Actually, you're right. It shouldn't be."
I then took refuge with some family. I think we then headed out somewhere but I don't remember the rest.
Interestingly, I wasn't scared or worried at all.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dream Journal: 2/24 to 2/27

I was trying to find a movie on OnDemand, but only found a chick flick. I streamed a movie on the Internet, but it was a chick flick. And for some reason the video player made sound effects from Zelda: A Link to the Past.

1. I was an empty, glass Coke bottle, rolling on the front lawn and sidewalk of our home in Oxnard. I'm a human again and I'm given a note saying I have to get something for them or they'll hurt someone I care about. I get the rock they're after that for some reason has computer data in it. I'm then given another note saying that if I don't figure out the data, they'll kill authors I hate. I find out that Pinkie Pie has been gone at the fair for too long, so I go looking for her fearing that they're going to hurt her.

2. Dad and I were in the hallway of our home in Oxnard, arguing about how old we were when the family moved to CO.

I entered the evil lair, where the bad guy and his monster minion were waiting for me. It was a dark room, with a square pit in the center with lava at the bottom, and swords lined the edge of the pit as a fence. The minion dropped bombs into the pit that sprayed up lava towards me. Then bones came up from the ground and I had to break them before they became monsters and attacked me. Boulders also came up from the ground to roll at me. Then there were dogs, but for some reason I unknowingly tamed some of them and they became my pets. I then climbed a hill on an island to find an Inn, where some villagers greeted me.
I guess that's what happens when you read, play, and watch video games just before bed.