Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Freaky Coincidence

There's your everyday kind of coincidence that leaves you saying, "Huh. That's funny." Then there's freaky coincidences that leaves you saying "What the? What sort of madness is this?" There have been a few in my life, and here are three of them.

1. Many years ago, back when video games was a new thing to me, we got a game called Smartball. In the game (At least the English version) the main character is a prince named Jerry, who's wife and princess is named Wendy; which are the same names of my parents! Now, sure, a video game character having the same name as you isn't a freaky coincidence, but a husband and wife in a game having BOTH the same names as your parents, that's freaky.

2. This one needs background. I've written a sci-fi novel involving robots, many of the characters being based on Lego creations I've made. This story means a lot to me, and one day I may publish it, but at this time it's on the far back burner.
Anyways, one of the characters in the story is named Bitesaw: A robot that has excellent mobility in water.
The other half of this freaky coincidence comes from a show called Jackie Chan Adventures. In it there's a character named Bai Tza, which is oddly pronounced very similar to Bitesaw! Not only that, but Bai Tza is also a water-themed character.

3. This is another freaky coincidence involving my novel. Keep in mind that I wrote this novel several years before these other characters came by. Another character in it is named Jetjammer, a small robot that can fly. It doesn't have arms, but basically just a head with feet and two thin wings in the back.
Now, have your heard of the TV program Jetix? Sure, both having the word jet in their name isn't much of a coincidence, BUT LOOK AT THAT CHARACTER!!! It looks crazily, freakishly similar Jetjammer! Well, I guess you'll have to take my word for it given that I don't have a drawing of Jetjammer. But believe me, they're similar!