Friday, November 4, 2011

ASU Food Adventure: Five Guys

So yeah, I know, Five Guys is hardly unique to the area, but I've never been there before, and that's what my posts are about.

I had heard some people say that Five Guys is similar to In-N-Out, and even though I knew it couldn't beat In-N-Out I wanted to give it a try anyways. As a tangent, my family and I REALLY like In-N-Out, perhaps because we were born and raised in California but have since moved away. I mean, when my family brought me down here from Colorado, three of my siblings came with me just so they could get In-N-Out.

Okay, so back to Five Guys. Yeah, tasting like In-N-Out is a bunch of baloney. In fact it's quite the opposite; that hamburger was so boring I'm never going there again. It was plain. On the other hand, that was probably the first time where I got more fries than hamburger. I thought spending more than $2 was expensive, but not when I found out how much they gave me! I didn't even eat it all in one sitting. Finally someone who sells fries at a fair price (I'm looking at YOU, Doghouse!).

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