Thursday, January 21, 2010

High Tensions Between China and America (CS 404)

China's heavy use of censorship on the Internet has rubbed Americans the wrong way, but the recent cyberattack against a Stanford student and Google has only made things worse. So then what will become of this mess? I highly doubt that China will take down the "Great Firewall," so if action is taken, it will likely be from America. If tensions continue to rise, perhaps other companies like Google will threaten to leave China, or more politicians will condone China's actions. Chances are that the problem will go on for quite some time, but if there is a final outcome, I can think of three possible ones: China ends its censorship, Americans give up and lets them be, or America ends its relations with China.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty much convinced none of those options will happen. Eventually everyone will just forget this happened until next time. Then everyone will get mad again. Same with Tibet. Same with Taiwan. We care too much about our trade with China to let censorship get in the way.