Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Form of Tyranny (CS 404)

So after reading some articles about copyright laws I was thinking about something: why are the big companies making the laws? Big movie studios and record companies get upset about something that might cut their profits, so they start sueing people, which then lead to copyright laws being made. Who do these laws help? The big companies. Who do they hurt? Everyone else. Is it just me, or does this sound like tyranny? Wasn't the constitution set up to prevent something like this from happening? These copyright laws can, strangely enough, even hurt the authors themselves. Take Earthbound for example: it was a big hit when it was released, but I sadly never played it. Due to new copyright laws, Earthbound will never make a reappearence in the U.S, which means Nintendo can't sell it on the Wii's virtual console. And what about me? I'm a poor college student, so I'm defintely not going to fork over a hundred dollars, and the only other choice is a legally questionable ROM for ZSNES. Something doesn't seem right here, but as long as the big buisnesses stay in power, nothing will change.

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