Thursday, March 25, 2010

US Government Long Overdue for Some Pruning

I don't know a whole lot about politics, but I've been rather concerned about how things have been going lately. For one thing, our government has gotten way too big and far too much in debt. Taking control of health care doesn't help either. In a simplistic view (Or, in other words, I'm too ignorant to the details), the reason we're in debt is because we're spending more money than we earn. A simplistic answer to this simplistic view is to:

1) Stop spending money on unnecessary things, and,
2) Cut out any programs that cost more than they earn.

Like a tree, the government has grown out of control and producing less-than-optimal fruit. The removing of limbs may be painful to the tree, and after pruning it way back it will take a while for it to start bearing fruit again. With a debt of several trillion dollars, the day it bears fruit may not be in any of our lifetimes. Slow, yes, but the government certainly hasn't fixed the problem by spending more money.

On a separate note, I believe this health care bill will make things even worse. The principles of economics say that when you greatly increase demand and decrease supply, costs go way up. I don't believe the government is exempt from economics.

Again, I'm not very versed when it comes to these things, so if I'm wrong, I'll readily admit that I am. But if I'm right, I fear that it might even be too late to change the direction we're headed.

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  1. Hah! I like where you said "I don't believe the government is exempt from economics."

    This post is so true. The government's answer to everything seems to be to throw money at the problem. It's like our government is completely incapable of breaking down a problem to the root issue.