Wednesday, January 18, 2012

K-12 Can't be Trusted

My mom has been unjustly dealt with. As wonderful as she is, she doesn't often stand up for herself, so I'm going to make her voice heard for her. On a blog...that no one reads....

So let's start off with the beginning. Around the time my two younger sisters were entering Jr. High, they went from public school to online school through K-12. Why? Because no one in my family has had a good experience with Jr. High. The kids at that age (in general) tend to be jerks.

K-12 worked out well for a while. For a while the system was good. But at some point, my mom said that "things changed," and the system didn't work as well. I don't know all the details, given that I don't live with my family, but I know the end results. K-12's records were getting messed up. They reported my oldest sister as being older than she really was, and thus in a higher grade. They sent her books for a grade she wasn't in. My youngest sister took a test, but was later told that she never took it. She took it again, and again told she never took it. My mom sat down with her to take the test, now for a third time, and ensured that everything was done properly. K-12 once again said she never took it. At the end of that semester, K-12 reported that my youngest sister hardly did any work, something like only 5%.

Deciding they had enough, my mom went through the process of getting the girls out of K-12 and back into public school. Because K-12 reported such low attendance, and thus truant, my mom had to go through "a lovely meeting," where several people from the public school tried cracking down on my mom and youngest sister. They want to say she's a terrible mom? Fine, who cares about your opinion. You want to explain how it's important to attend school? Fine, even though we're already very well aware how important an education is. But what I can't stand for is that they gave her an ultimatum: my youngest sister has to attend school every day, or my mom goes to court. Given the humble nature of my mom, she accepted the terms.

But come on! One day? One small day and my mom goes to court? My mom has driven me and my three brothers to school, and she's driven my two sisters to school when they were in public school. You think she won't do it again?

The thing that makes this even more difficult is that my youngest sister has trouble sleeping. There are days where she will go through the whole night without sleeping. It's not that she chooses to stay up, it's that she physically can't fall asleep. I don't know if she has insomnia, or if it has something to do with her ADHD, or if it's a mental thing, but she simply has trouble getting to sleep. This means that if she finally falls to sleep only an hour before school, my mom will have no choice but to drag my sleeping sister to school and drop her off, only partially awake. "Do you give her a bedtime?" one of the people from school asked. My mom said that their comments showed that they simply do not understand her situation, despite her explanations. Yes, there are drugs out there that might help her sleep, but it's also highly possible to become dependent on them, and that's not something my mom wants to do to her.

My mom is a wonderful person who, in my opinion, has done as good a job as anyone could in raising us. Better than most people, in fact. She doesn't deserve this kind of treatment, or threat of legal consequences. I'm not here to only defend my mom, but also to raise a warning and complaint against K-12. Something, whether personnel, technology, or communication, have incorrectly recorded and handled information. And because of it has gotten my family into trouble. If anyone else has had this same problem I would love to hear from you.

Don't use K-12. They might report your kids truant.

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