Saturday, March 10, 2012

Song of the Day: VGPonies

Now that I'm no longer in AZ, and without means to get anywhere, my ASU Food Adventure posts have come to an end. Now for a new stream of posts: Song of the Day! The essence of these posts are for sharing interesting music I find. Be warned though, some of this stuff will be weird/nerdy; this post being no exception.

Came across VGPonies, a series of video game remixes with lyrics involving Ponies. Now I'm no "Brony," but I am a big video game music fan so this is within my interests.

As of this post, there are two songs from this that I like: Rarity Tears and Flutterman.

Rarity Tears: This is a remix of Bloody Tears, a song from Castlevania. Never played Castlevania myself, but I do like this song. One of the things I find interesting about this remix is that parts of it remind me a lot of music from Portal 2. The vocals are also done very well.

Flutterman: A remix of Flash Man from Mega Man 2. Ah, Mega Man: So many awesome songs come from here. Gameplay-wise I prefer the X and Zero series, but that's another discussion. This is probably my favorite of the two; Flash Man has a lot of energy, which is something I love in music. The vocals aren't as clear in this one, but it's still pretty good. The beginning part is also fun. Unfortunately, there's a section with foul language; it's when there deep voice starts. Upon downloading the song I cleaned it out, so if anyone wants the clean version let me know.

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