Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dream Journal - 2/14/2013 to 2/23/2013

I often have dreams. I often remember my dreams. So I decided to record my dreams, otherwise I'll forget them. I've actually been more diligent at writing in my dream journal than my normal journal.

1. A bunch of Pokemon gathered together in a rectangular formation. They used a water attack to propel them forward on a wave. A few Pokemon in the formation were left behind though as they were fire types, who then rolled around in pain from the water while creating a wave of fire.

2. Can't quite remember this one. Something about a farm village-like place, with chickens, cat people, there was a war or something. There was a ward that was then split up when one of the lands gained victory in the war.

Dreamed that criminals, for their crimes, were turned into trees. At the end of the dream, someone said "We do not at this time know how to turn criminals into trees."

Had a dream that could easily be a horror movie. That doesn't happen very often.
A group went to the moon on a spherical space shuttle. There was a tent on the moon that for some reason didn't leak air. There were creatures in the shadows, working in swarms. These dark creatures would violently kill their prey, rip off their skulls, and wear them on their own heads. By taking their preys' skulls and putting them on their own heads they then quickly evolved into them.
The surviving crew then threw the spaceship onto a track and rolled it away, very much like that level in Super Mario Galaxy where Mario rolls a ball around. Their ship goes back to earth, burning in the atmosphere to kill any creatures that may have clung aboard. They thought they made it back safely, but soon the creatures were popping up around cities, mostly in their evolved human-like form. After killing more and taking more skulls, they even started talking. By the end, the super soldier serum (The one that created Captain America) was perfected, which gave the rest of the human population a fighting chance.

Me, my family, and Seth L. went home from church. We stopped by sister Beck's home and talked. As we were about to leave I messed with their faucet, and she got upset that I was about to leave without putting the heat setting back where it was. Mom and the family left us, and I put the faucet's temperature setting back to where it was. Since the family left Seth and I, we walked home. Seth became a dog and started running, while I just slid along the ice-covered sidewalk. It was almost completely dark (Save for an occasional car's headlights) and we were in the west end of my neighborhood back in Oxnard. Eventually Seth ran ahead of me and I got on my bike (Which came from nowhere) and I put a strobe light on my belt so others would see me in the dark. I later made it home, my home in Oxnard, and found Seth banging on the door. He told me "The kids are awake but no one is opening the door." Because of my strobe light mom later came, in her night gown, to let us in.

1. There was a board with different colored areas, and different colored papers that laid on it. The papers were then folded. The papers represented different government agencies or political parties, the board represented different areas or nations or political parties. Since the papers folded the different government agencies or political parties into different areas or nations or political parties, they came to me to help figure and sort things out, because for some reason I was the expert.

2. I was Robin, flying with Batman in the Batwing. We spotted some prison escapees on a rusted metal platform with cranes and crates by a dock, running towards an entrance to a Joker hideout. I jumped down and started fighting them all. They were highly acrobatic, and kept going no matter how much a beat them up. They also had a skateboard where instead of the board being horizontal with the ground, was vertical. One girl said "Just chill, dude!" and I said "We just found you trying to get into a Joker hideout, and you want us to chill?" Eventually they ran away. One guy went underwater to enter the hideout, with a jet ski following him, and I threw a bomb or something underwater at him. The girl was left behind and she was calming down. I said "Fine, you want me to chill out? I'm chill."

I definitely had some dreams, but I can't recall them enough to bother mentioning.

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