Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dream Journal: 2/24 to 2/27

I was trying to find a movie on OnDemand, but only found a chick flick. I streamed a movie on the Internet, but it was a chick flick. And for some reason the video player made sound effects from Zelda: A Link to the Past.

1. I was an empty, glass Coke bottle, rolling on the front lawn and sidewalk of our home in Oxnard. I'm a human again and I'm given a note saying I have to get something for them or they'll hurt someone I care about. I get the rock they're after that for some reason has computer data in it. I'm then given another note saying that if I don't figure out the data, they'll kill authors I hate. I find out that Pinkie Pie has been gone at the fair for too long, so I go looking for her fearing that they're going to hurt her.

2. Dad and I were in the hallway of our home in Oxnard, arguing about how old we were when the family moved to CO.

I entered the evil lair, where the bad guy and his monster minion were waiting for me. It was a dark room, with a square pit in the center with lava at the bottom, and swords lined the edge of the pit as a fence. The minion dropped bombs into the pit that sprayed up lava towards me. Then bones came up from the ground and I had to break them before they became monsters and attacked me. Boulders also came up from the ground to roll at me. Then there were dogs, but for some reason I unknowingly tamed some of them and they became my pets. I then climbed a hill on an island to find an Inn, where some villagers greeted me.
I guess that's what happens when you read, play, and watch video games just before bed.

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