Sunday, September 15, 2013

Colorado Vs. the Rain

Colorado lost.

We've had unusually-high rainfall these past few days, causing lots of water to be where you don't want it (including my basement), forcing people from their homes, destroying places like Jamestown and Lyons, and even killing a few people. It's crazy.

Yesterday I went with some other people from my ward to help people out. We helped move some stuff out of a family's crawl space-type basement that had flooded. There were also a lot of people helping out on one street where a ton of mud had piled up, They were shoveling the mud and removing things from people's homes.

Though maybe a bit selfish, I went to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show after that to look at some cool rocks, and buy a few for my collection (the really cheap stuff, not the awesome ones that were priced at several thousand dollars). The rain started to come down really hard there, making some really big puddles in the road. I was worried about my car getting stuck, but I got home safely.

So about my basement flooding: the day started off hopeful, planning on going out to eat with other people from my Singles Ward before going to the temple, in hopes to socialize. Of course I ended up just sitting there not actually talking to anyone. Everyone then left for the temple, leaving me behind as I scarfed down my food that had finally been served. Once I got to the temple, they told me the 8:15 session, which was the Singles session with chapel meeting, was full, which ended my chance of socializing that day. I came away from the endowment session feeling well though. When I got home, I noticed that there was an awful, damp, mildew-y smell. I looked in the basement and found the rugs and boxes wet. There was no standing water, and it was less than an inch high judging by the damage, but still, it was a pain. And the house still smells, although I don't seem to notice it right now with the scented candles burning.

But of course I had to make the day even harder. As I went to throw some empty cardboard boxes that were wet into the garage, the door closed behind me, and locked myself outside. Eventually I decided the only way in was through a window, so I tore apart a screen (couldn't pop it off) only to find that window locked. I popped off a screen on another window, but that was locked too. After tearing the screen on a third window I finally managed to climb inside.

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