Saturday, April 5, 2014

Advertising Has Little Effect on Me

I don't understand commercials. People spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising, and for what? Do people really buy things just because they saw it advertised? Rarely do I ever see a commercial that makes me say "Hey, I want that!" In fact, let's do a test. I'm going to make note of the commercials I watch while I watch Psych on hulu.

I guess it's women's deodorant? I'm not a woman, and I don't buy deodorant.

I really don't have a preference on soap, so I just buy whatever is the cheapest and has the least-annoying smell.

Anchorman 2 DVD
It's not a movie I'm interested in, and I don't watch rated R movies.

Hot Pockets Sandwich Showdown
While I won't complain about eating a Hot Pocket, it's not high on my list of foods to buy. More importantly, however, the convenience foods I buy at the market is whatever I feel like when I go there, not what's advertised.

I've never gone travelling in such a way where I would choose the hotel to stay at, and even if I did, I would just find the cheapest.

I rarely go to KFC. Just not something I want to get a single meal from.
Actually, now when I think about it, it kind of sounds good. In this instance I can see how a commercial might attract people. However, I'm not going to rush right out and buy some, and by the time I actually go out to eat, which could be several days, I will no longer be thinking about KFC.

I already have insurance, which happens to be GEICO. Also, when I chose insurance I looked at different insurers, and they did have a good deal.

Toyota Highlander
This commercial had the Muppets singing. I like the Muppets, so this was entertaining. However I already have a car, and thus no desire to buy one.

I don't like being in debt. Already got a car loan, school loan, and a mortgage. Not getting any more.

Like I said, already got insurance.

Like I said, already got a car.

Copper Season Pass
I don't ski or anything like that.

So there you go, several current commercials that have little to no effect me. So if not me, then who? Who buys a certain car because of a commercial? Who stays at a Marriott because they saw it on TV?

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