Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Denver Food Adventure: My Favorite Muffin

I've been going to this place several times now, and I love it. It's like going to a doughnut store, but for muffins!

Taken by MattGoswick, or so says Google

There's a lot to choose from, but so far I've tried the apple pie, cranberry orange, cherry cheesecake, and peach muffins. The cherry cheesecake is my favorite muffin so far. It's pretty much a slice of cheesecake with cherry pie filling on top, in muffin form. Mmmmmm...I may or may not be drooling right now....

They also have some bagels, which can be made into breakfast sandwiches. They're pretty good as well, better than what I tried from Einstein Bagels (sorry Einstein Bagels, that's just not what an onion bagel, or a sausage patty, should taste like).

My Favorite Muffin will be getting my patronage for the foreseeable future.

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