Sunday, January 5, 2014

Denver Food Adventure: Juicy Burgers and Dogs

New city, new adventures in food. Here we go...

Promo picture. In other words, what the food vaguely looks like.

Juicy Burgers and Dogs: A burger joint that only has one location, the ideal place for me to check out. When I first went there I just got the Chicago Dog, which happens to also be their cheapest thing (if you exclude drinks and sides). It was good. It tasted just as I expected a Chicago dog to taste like. My only beef with this was...its lack of beef. It was probably the skinniest hot dog I've ever seen.

The second time I went there I got the "Cheddar Char Burger" and onion rings. I think it was good, but I can't quite remember. Why can't I remember? Because what I do remember was HOLY COW THIS THING IS LITERALLY DRIPPING WITH FAT!!!

Photo from Yelp by someone called Lori P.

It was likely the fattiest burger I've ever eaten. If I ever get a clogged artery I'll probably blame it on that one burger. Plus I forgot to ask them to cook it "well done", so some of the meat was pink and I couldn't help but wonder if I was going to get some sort of deadly disease while eating it. Then again I'm still perfectly alive. To their credit, though, it was indeed a juicy burger. Oh, and the onion rings were fine.

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