Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Life: Getting Our First Video Game System

I remember years ago seeing computer monitors in shops display games, or seeing arcade machines with games like Pac-Man. Naturally, I often asked my mom if we could get a video game, but the answer was usually no, since they were by no means cheap.

One day during the Christmas season, my Mom took me and my two brothers to Toys"R"Us. We were either not in school at that time or home schooled by then, and too young to be left home alone, so she had no option but to take us. As we went to the checkout where you pick up the more expensive stuff, I was ecstatic to see my mom pick up a Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Seeing our excitement, my Mom said, "No, it's not for you, it's for charity." Being a young, naive child, I believed her, and was crushed. Mom had bought something I really wanted, but it wasn't for us. As you might imagine, however, when Christmas came, we opened our gifts to find that the SNES was indeed our Christmas gift.

And loads of fun were had, forevermore.

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