Sunday, March 10, 2013

Previous Dreams

I've occasionally posted dreams I had on Facebook, so I went through everything I posted on Facebook and added them to my dream journal.

Dreamed that I was running away from a firey Onix.

Dreamed that all the church buildings had an interconnected railway system.

Ran for my life from Big Bird in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower.

I think it was Transformers 4, where the government produced a gas that made everyone see the world as a better place than it actually was, and Bumblebee was defending the headquarters of the Spy Kids.

My dad said "Come here. You should really read this book." He then hands me a book titled "Freefall." The cover had the grim reaper on it brandishing his sycth, and an unlocked shackle next to the name. It was about a man who became the grim reaper and fought evil.
Does it mean something? Or was it just because I see an image of Ghost Rider on my monitor at work?

It was a Zelda-like game, and the main character went to a shop and looked at the items. The salesman then said "Giant Sausage in the Shape of a Man: That's a good item! Not only is it a giant sausage in the shape of a man, but it also has life-sustaining properties, and it transforms into a giant robot!" Next scene is a giant robot (Which, now that I think about it, looked much like Larry from Time Squad) moving on a stage much like Goemon Impact! But unlike Goemon Impact, it had rockets on its skates, and it moved down the stage really fast, plowing down anyone and anything that stood in its way. It moved so fast it then skated across the ocean. I think it may have started to fly, but the dream ended after that.
Giant Sausage in the Shape of a Man that transforms into a giant robot! I love my dreams!

I was in my car, but for some reason my brother Tim was driving it. He switched the car's gear into H1 and the car started flying. Not Jet plane flying, more like slow hover car flying. We flew around a bit, but for some reason I went out of the car and fell sideways, as if gravity was parallel to the ground. Then I realized "Wait, this isn't how gravity works" and then I stood on the ground like normal.

I had a dog, and I asked him to stand guard in front of the house in the snow to protect us from the wandering T-Rex. But then he couldn't get back in the house when it turned invisible.

North Korea nuked the U.S. For some reason brentalfloss was driving me to work, and Denver was full of still images of mushroom clouds and fire.
Me: " the city supposed to be fire?"
brentalfloss: "Huh. Actually, you're right. It shouldn't be."
I then took refuge with some family. I think we then headed out somewhere but I don't remember the rest.
Interestingly, I wasn't scared or worried at all.

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