Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dream Journal: 3/19 to 3/24

There was a crazy old man who ordered spider bread. His butler then grabbed a giant wad of spider web, heat it up, and it turned into bread.

I was a young boy traveling with his mother. I think we were Muslim in a third-world country. There was a muddy area we stopped to pray around a bunch of other people. My mom sat up earlier than I thought she should from praying, but she said "These aren't the men that hurt us." I was later at a hospital or something, my mom elsewhere. A card with an abstract painting of a mother was slid under the door, and I took off running fearing it was a bomb; it was. I assumed my mom was dead.
I came to an area that a bunch of people were abandoning. There was a woman wearing a mask around her mouth, like sick people do. She was leaving her apartment, so I stayed there and hid myself under a pile of laundry. Later a stray dog walked by, and said something to me. I got up, too weak to barely stand, and only telling the dog I need water. We went to the refrigerator, but then hid myself when I heard people arguing loudly outside the apartment door, the talking dog hiding with me.

1. It was the characters from the show Chuck, and they found a serum version of the Intersect that was copied from someone. They asked if it was based off of Chuck, or Sarah, or Jasmine (Princess Jasmine?). The serum was labled "C."

2. An alien, who looked like an older, balding Asian dude, invaded Earth. He was doing bad things, but he politely asked me several questions about the church. I can't remember now what questions he asked me or what my answers were, but I think I gave really good answers.

It was like I was at work, but not. The people weren't anyone I know and the office looked a bit different. There were also several large windows that allowed us to see outside more. I think we might have been even higher up than the 8th floor because we could see a lot of the area around us. It wasn't Denver, either, but some sort of coastal city.
A bunch of other people in the office then pointed outside towards the city: there was a massive, dark storm could coming; a cloud that extended from the sky to the ground.
Dreams like this make me wonder if dreams have meaning.

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